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The internet is dangerous; the mind of a teenager is no less so.
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Adonis Complex

All he wants is people for his 'Body of Gods.'
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An Affair

A thriller of obsessive proportions.
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All My Nights

Friend in need, may not be a friend indeed...
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Apartment 413

Home isn't necessarily a safe space.
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Reality is an illusion.
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An Audience of Chairs

Mothers' actions have the biggest stakes.
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Believe in your version of reality.
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Behind the Bullet

Through the eyes of the shooters.
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Bite Me

A vampire's love story.
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The Blackout

When the contact with the rest of the world is lost, how far would you go to find out who the new enemy of humanity is?
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Blood Paradise

A crime-writer gets tangled in her own mystery.
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Art or love can a writer have both?
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The Bra

Life moves down the track.
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Bring Me An Avocado

An inspiring family rises above their challenges...
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Broken Places

Some survive, some thrive.
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Buy Me a Gun

A young girl tests her luck.
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The Chaperone

Love and longing in the roaring '20s.
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