California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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2:15 PM (101 min)
Three women, two eras, one yearning desire: to be a mother.
4:45 PM (99 min)
Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage
A couple’s turbulent marriage – plenty of laughs and silent treatments.
7:15 PM (52 min)
Port of Destiny: Peace
A leader puts aside politics for human good.
9:30 PM (86 min)
Fox Hunt Drive
Buckle up for the twists and turns!
2:00 PM (80 min)
3 Day Weekend
A kidnapping, a double-cross, an act of revenge, a mystery
4:30 PM (97 min)
Uncle Peckerhead
The gig life ain’t so swell when you’ve got a cannibal roadie from hell
6:45 PM (80 min)
Celebrating the comedic great through tears and laughter.
9:30 PM (100 min)
Take Out Girl
From Chinese food delivery, to drug delivery…just keeping the family business alive.
11:45 AM (82 min)
Naughty Books
The story of a cultural phenomenon....and more
2:15 PM (103 min)
Shorts Program 10: The Feeling You Get
There’s elation for the taking!
4:45 PM (87 min)
BAREFOOT: The Mark Baumer Story
How can one person save the world?
7:00 PM (63 min)
Theremin Fever
A surreal musical encounter.
8:50 PM (112 min)
About a Teacher
Teaching high school film class? How hard can it be?
5:00 PM (78 min)
Standing on the Line
Champions don’t toe the line, they exceed every limit.
7:00 PM (81 min)
The Mimic
To be or not to be?
9:20 PM (94 min)
Sunset on the River Styx
Will death be the end of their journey or only the beginning?
11:20 AM (94 min)
Love Is Not Love
There is no destination, only pursuit.
1:45 PM (93 min)
Born to Be
You have to be willing to lose everything to be who you are.
4:10 PM (96 min)
Inez & Doug & Kira
A mysterious death prompts a couple to unravel the past... but at what cost?
6:40 PM (110 min)
Comfort food isn’t always a comfort.
9:15 PM (90 min)
Before the Fire
A post-apocalyptic visit to a hometown digs up scarier secrets.
1:30 PM (100 min)
Dark Whispers
A legacy of tales through a twisted lens.
4:00 PM (99 min)
A Bad Place
Three women…their dark pasts…an unstoppable monster
6:30 PM (109 min)
Shorts Program 6: DocuNation
These truths are intoxicating.
9:00 PM (91 min)
Nina of the Woods
An actress’ new gig becomes an unexplainable adventure into Mother Nature’s abyss.
7:00 PM (92 min)
The Presumption of Guilt
If everybody's lying, what becomes of truth?
9:15 PM (84 min)
The Last Days of Capitalism
Sex, power, and carpe diem in Vegas.
7:15 PM (77 min)
The Third Strike
Justice for those who suffer cruel and unusual punishment
9:30 PM (80 min)
Useless Humans
Four childish friends meet the fate of the world.