California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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10:30 AM (80 min)
Ana's Desire
From disruption to redemption
12:45 PM (94 min)
As the world exists in one grain of sand, so does the family of man in this marketplace
6:00 PM (120 min)
An aspiring actor who changed the world as a real-life hero.
10:20 AM (98 min)
Ghost of the Golden Groves
What strangeness awaits you in the dark Bengali forest?
12:45 PM (77 min)
Lifeline: Clyfford Still
“It’s about what you give up in your life to make art the way you choose to.”
2:45 PM (100 min)
Take Out Girl
From Chinese food delivery, to drug delivery…just keeping the family business alive.
5:15 PM (110 min)
Shorts Program 4: Animated Worlds
What visions, what worlds…
7:45 PM (124 min)
Spring Tide
A cultural sweep of China through three generations of women.
10:15 AM (94 min)
A man is drawn to revenge when the case of his wife’s murder reopens.
12:35 PM (88 min)
Nail In The Coffin: The Fall & Rise Of Vampiro
He loves punk rock, wrestling, and his teenage daughter.
3:00 PM (84 min)
Road Head
A road trip becomes a (missing) head trip.
5:20 PM (101 min)
The Whale and the Raven
Can we balance nature and opportunity?
7:30 PM (95 min)
The secrets we reveal in the embrace of a stranger.
10:00 AM (116 min)
Shorts Program 11B: It's A Mad World
This collection of shorts leans into the madness of today's world as seen through the eyes of the next generation.
12:45 PM (111 min)
Who You Know
Sometimes the most difficult person to know is yourself.
3:10 PM (100 min)
Nirmal Anand's Puppy (Nirmal Anand ki Puppy)
The smallest things can create the biggest changes.
5:45 PM (97 min)
Uncle Peckerhead
The gig life ain’t so swell when you’ve got a cannibal roadie from hell
7:50 PM (94 min)
Faith, family, and the world of dance.
12:15 PM (104 min)
Shorts Program 7: Comedy Favorites
Laugh it up!
2:40 PM (111 min)
Shorts Program 3: Other Places, Other Times
This is not my house…
6:00 PM (97 min)
A writer’s life is fraught with peril.
1:00 PM (60 min)
The Forgotten
One man's story changed one woman's mission
3:15 PM (87 min)
BAREFOOT: The Mark Baumer Story
How can one person save the world?
1:15 PM (101 min)
Three women, two eras, one yearning desire: to be a mother.
3:40 PM (94 min)
Sunset on the River Styx
Will death be the end of their journey or only the beginning?
6:10 PM (106 min)
Hope for Breast Cancer
I choose life.