Wild Honey

Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Production Country:United States
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Francis Stokes
Producer:Rebekah Sturm
Screenwriter:Francis Stokes
Music:Phil Maniaci
Cinematographer:Thomas Hargis
Editor:Jason Barnoski
Cast:Rusty Schwimmer
Todd Stashwick
Stephnie Weir
Timothy Omundson
Stephanie Jane Markham
Pam Mack


Gabriella is as sweet as can bee.

Middle-aged, plain Gabriella (Rusty Schwimmer, The Informant!) is down in the dumps. As a phone sex operator, (who goes by Roxy - young, blond, thin, 21-year-old) her life is the furthest thing from perfect. After her boyfriend cheats and she moves in with her mother, Gabriella starts to fall for a new standout caller from Los Angeles. The caller can’t seem to get enough of her either. In need of money to see if her fantasy is real, Gabriella decides to make amends with her seemingly perfect sister Esther (Stephnie Weir, Madtv) as a means to fly across the country and meet her caller. In this delightful romantic comedy about loving your truest self, Gabriella finds a way to see the light in her darkest days. – Jacqui Villarreal

Preceded by the short film: Bill Rules; dir. Dan Scott; USA; 12 min.

Included Shorts

Bill Rules (12min) More