Short Film Program 9A: College - Human Connections



3Below Sat, Mar 10, 2018 5:00 PM
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
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Rating:Not Rated


At their heart, most great stories are about people forming relationships with one another. This collection (Part A of the best student films Cinequest has seen this year) showcases human connections in many powerful and provocative ways. From navigating relationships in new technological realms, to finding common ground with those around us, these stories dig deep into the many paths we can choose in order to come together. – Nathan Zanon

Sponsored by LaCie

Included Shorts

Cathriel (8min) More
Home Made (13min) More
Iron Hands (11min) More
The Lost City of Tomorrow (16min) More
Rainy Night (14min) More
The Shift (9min) More
Tête à Tête (8min) More
The Transfer (23min) More
Undiscovered (3min) More
Where Mothbloods Bloom (17min) More