Shorts Program 2: Me, You, Us

  • Backup Plan Backup Plan
  • Boiling Point Boiling Point
  • Chemistry Chemistry
  • Let’s Not Go There Let’s Not Go There
  • The Girl with the Rivet Gun The Girl with the Rivet Gun
  • Underneath Underneath
  • White Flags White Flags


3Below Thu, Mar 5 8:45 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts Program
Rating:Not Rated


How does our society effect our identity and our lives? Can individuals transcend the world and community they find themselves inside? And if we shift societies at large or workwise, how do we cope and emerge? Whether it’s how expectations change during times of war or the hyper-frenetic motion that is the modern workplace, these stories run from elation to introspection, fear to love, and everything in-between, with stops at hilarity, misunderstanding, pathos, and kindness. Each of these shorts explores how our society informs us, and whether we treat it as a springboard or a straight jacket. Me, You, Us is a series that will make you think about where you’ve been, and who we all are. – Chris Garcia

Included Shorts

Backup Plan (15min) More
Boiling Point (22min) More
Chemistry (4min) More
Let’s Not Go There (6min) More
Souls (16min) More
The Girl with the Rivet Gun (15min) More
Underneath (18min) More
White Flags (16min) More