Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Genre:Science Fiction
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Nicole Fancher
Ashley Mandanas
Director:Jacob Leighton Burns
Producer:Zachary Burns
Vinnie Hogan
Screenwriter:Jacob Leighton Burns
Cinematographer:Jacob Leighton Burns
Editor:Jacob Leighton Burns



A young woman struggles with the painful and gruesome side effects of an experiment with time travel gone wrong that causes her to lose control and shift through time at random.

Even as a kid, Teresa loved power, to blow apart and build back – just because she could! It’s all benign until she starts to mess with a phenomenon beyond her capacity. When she experiments with time travel, for a second she thinks she may be getting the ultimate control. But little does she know, time is not one to be tamed. Underestimating the perils, she is caught off-guard when things start to go awry and she starts experiencing the tortuous side effects of time travel. Randomly shifting through the fourth dimension, she starts to lose grip on what she seeks most – control. The film captivates as much with the thrilling premise, as with the masterful handling of humanistic themes of depression, loneliness, and hubris. – Shwetha VR