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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Precious Chong
Alex Essoe
Director:Zach Gayne
Executive Producer:Shelby Chong
Martin Luszcz
Chris Morsby
Delaney Siren
Producer:Precious Chong
Lex Emanuel
Alex Essoe
Zach Gayne
Josh Mandel
Kyra Nicole Rogers
Ben Umstead
Screenwriter:Precious Chong
Alex Essoe
Zach Gayne
Music:Doug Martsch
Cinematographer:Delaney Siren
Editor:Gary Chan
Zach Gayne


When Linda, a GenXer lost in the heartache of her 1980s youth, meets Michelle, a newlywed millennial petrified of her future, a bitter generational feud erupts from frayed nerves and old wounds torn asunder.

Homewrecker is a twisted comedy of social mores, particularly of people with a strong aversion to impoliteness. These social niceties allow psycho-stalker Linda to lure an interior designer named Michelle into her home under the pretense of a job. But as soon as we see the sledgehammer mounted on her wall like a piece of art, we know there will be blood. The focus soon shifts from manners to obsessions, as having a drink before noon turns into a kidnapping, and Linda’s true motives are revealed in a twist that sets off a cascade of comic violence.— Nick Coleman

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