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Picture it. Create it.

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Help us leverage the PTP book, videos, online workshops, city sessions, and 7 Powers of Creating activities the PTP team has built to empower classrooms, organizations, and youth here and across the globe with the tools, confidence, and inspiration to bring their visions and dreams into reality.

We are raising $300,000 to empower 100K youth…and more! Will you help us? Your contribution will have an impact on lives!

$125+ DONATION …. EMPOWER THE NEXT GENERATION to create a better future for all of us. Your contribution will be recognized on the PTP website.

$500+ DONATION …. Empower a YOUTH PERSONAL PROFILE* Every youth that participates in PTP creates a personal profile (short film),telling us a little about themselves and what they want to create in the future. Your contribution will be recognized at the start of one of these profiles.

$5,000+ DONATION … Empower a YOUTH PERSONAL PROFILE* and be recognized on the PTP VIRTUAL WALL** Your contribution will be part of the Picture the Possibilities Virtual Wall. The design (backdrop) created by a youth! The wall will be updated monthly and rotating on the PTP website, CREATICS Platform and at all PTP events.

$10,000+ DONATION… In addition to empowering YOUTH PERSONAL PROFILE* and being recognized on the PTP VIRTUAL WALL**, you will be a founding member of our PTP GLOBAL TEAM*** Receive monthly updates from the PTP Team about the activities, be invited to attend the PTP online and live events, and receive links to all the great content the youth are producing!and your contribution will be recognized for years to come

$____ DONATION … YOU choose the Amount.

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