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Adios Amor

Gripping story of a trailblazing heroine that history forgot
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All the Reasons to Forget

The way to get over a breakup is through it.
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There’s a thin line between innocence and evil.
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We can stay children for only so long.
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The Ashram

What you choose to see just might set you free.
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A powerful inversion of the country boy in the big city
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Before I Forget

Live to Forget.
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Can he save others from his wife’s fate?
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Berlin Falling

How far would a person go?
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Bernard and Huey

Some friendships stand the test of time; others shouldn’t.
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The Best People

Can a maid of honor end an unwanted marriage?
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Bikini Moon

The realms of the mind are vast and awesome.
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Birth of a Family

A government policy separated their family.
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The spectacular story about the tennis world’s greatest rivalry, starring Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), Stellan Skarsgard (The Avengers), and Sverrir Gudnason (The Girl in the Spider’s Web).
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Burden of Genius

An innovator who elevated mankind.
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Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out

Mirth and the misery of the millennials during a wild night
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An opera by 12-year-old genius composer Alma Deutscher
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Brothers In Arms (Closing Night)

Actor/director Paul Sanchez and narrator/star Charlie Sheen will join the Cinequest audience, along with special guests, for the World Premiere of this radically entertaining movie.
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