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Bite Me

A vampire's love story.
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Circle of Steel

Pilates, internet dating, and fear of unemployment.
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Electric Love

Swipe right for love.
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The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia

How far will you travel to find happiness?
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These 2 homophobes have a choice to make.
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Happier Times, Grump

A 17 year-old wild child reconnects with gramps.
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Kill Ben Lyk

Multiple bullets, multiple targets, one name.
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Original Sin (Pecado Original)

Rock, paper, scissors.
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Same Boat

Time-travelling Killers
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Senior Escort Service

The title says it all or...does it!
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Shorts Program 7 - Something Funny

If you like those one-liners spit out with pin-point precision, then Something Funny is the choice for you.
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The Social Ones

On social media, what makes a superstar?
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The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke

Big Battle for a Tiny Home.
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Travel Ban: Make America Laugh Again

The bombardment of Laughter.
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Tripping-Thru Keta (El viaje de Keta)

Breaking bad, in a bad world
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The Truth About Marriage

Why is it so difficult?
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Can a van be worth more than love?
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The Wrong Todd

Your worst enemy is yourself.
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