California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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3:00 PM (92 min)
An Affair
A thriller of obsessive proportions.
5:15 PM (75 min)
Original Sin
Rock, paper, scissors.
7:15 PM (120 min)
Bill Nighy to Receive Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award with U.S. Premiere of Sometimes Always Never
Cinequest will bestow its most prestigious award to beloved star Bill Nighy. In a special event on March 6th, the award presentation will occur in conjunction with the highly anticipated U.S. premiere of Sometimes Always Never, starring Nighy.
9:45 PM (82 min)
The Fare
It's not the destination, but with whom you travel.
2:00 PM (84 min)
Blood Paradise
A crime-writer gets tangled in her own mystery.
4:15 PM (116 min)
Joe All Alone
A powerful adaptation of Joanna Nadin's book about a young boy finding optimism, adventure, and friendship in deprived circumstances, Joe All Alone is the story of thirteen-year-old Joe Holt, left behind when his mum and unsavory boyfriend take a sudden week-long holiday.
9:35 PM (101 min)
In his run for life, is there room for love?
11:30 AM (118 min)
A fuzzy memory leads a man on a spellbinding journey.
2:15 PM (84 min)
Behind the Bullet
Through the eyes of the shooters.
4:30 PM (109 min)
Shorts Program 8 - Directionals
How do we know where we're going, and more importantly, how do we know when we've gotten there?
7:15 PM (91 min)
Man Running
How far will a man go to outrun his own grief?
9:15 PM (118 min)
Happier Times, Grump
A 17 year-old wild child reconnects with gramps.
5:15 PM (91 min)
Markie in Milwaukee
"From incredible Hulk to the most delicate flower"
7:30 PM (90 min)
Sometimes we are forced to grow up to fast
1:30 PM (104 min)
Would you kill for your family? Would you kill your family???
4:00 PM (80 min)
Kill Ben Lyk
Multiple bullets, multiple targets, one name.
6:15 PM (108 min)
Shorts Program 1 - Inbound Visions
Cinequest has always presented films that might make you sit up in your seat, and this year we are pleased to present these ten films that take unflinching looks at moments of inflection.
8:45 PM (113 min)
Shorts Program 2 - Family, For Better or Worse
We are all a part of a family, whether it is forced upon us or chosen.
7:00 PM (97 min)
Rich Kids
Money, money, a rich man's world.
9:30 PM (90 min)
The Hole in the Ground
Her son returns, but what has he become?
6:50 PM (85 min)
A Shelter Among the Clouds
Rising above the forces of limitation.
9:00 PM (89 min)
Lake Over Fire
The fight between good and evil is ignited!
7:30 PM (84 min)
Buy Me a Gun
A young girl tests her luck.
9:45 PM (60 min)
Pop-culture mashup from Down Under.