California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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California Theatre - Rehearsal Hall
11:00 AM (84 min)
Buy Me a Gun
A young girl tests her luck.
1:15 PM (92 min)
The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia
How far will you travel to find happiness?
3:45 PM (132 min)
Cut Off
The treasure hunt with dead bodies as clues.
6:45 PM (115 min)
An Epic Chinese tale, filled with action and suspense
9:30 PM (111 min)
The Hummingbird Project
Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) play scheming cousins Vincent and Anton Zalesky in Academy Award- nominated director Kim Nguyen's (War Witch) The Hummingbird Project.
11:30 AM (70 min)
The Edge of Success
Young shoulders, huge burdens.
1:45 PM (82 min)
An inspirational teacher finds his son beaten in jail.
4:15 PM (85 min)
Moving Stories
Dance is a universal language
7:00 PM (90 min)
The Bra
Life moves down the track.
9:15 PM (90 min)
The Hole in the Ground
Her son returns, but what has he become?
10:00 AM (109 min)
Student Shorts Competition Program A - Family
No matter what our background is, our relationship with family is a powerful influence on our lives.
12:30 PM (57 min)
Taking a local basketball tournament to new heights.
2:30 PM (107 min)
Shorts Program 9 - Hidden
What do you keep secret? What do you hide? What would happen if it comes into the light?
5:00 PM (92 min)
Grind Reset Shine
Can they save themselves?
7:15 PM (112 min)
Shorts Program 4 - Animated Worlds
Fifteen super short films, fifteen different constructed realities playing out across the screen.
9:45 PM (108 min)
Shorts Program 3 - Sci-Fi,  Fantasy, & Horror
13 science fiction, fantasy, and horror films form this program that examines worlds we don't come across every day.
11:59 PM (84 min)
Blood Paradise
A crime-writer gets tangled in her own mystery.
1:00 PM (76 min)
Adonis Complex
All he wants is people for his 'Body of Gods.'
3:15 PM (75 min)
An exhilarating horror-thriller from Argentina, M follows Diane and Tim, a young American couple who travel to Patagonia to search for Tim's father, a biologist who disappeared ten years earlier.
5:15 PM (104 min)
The Blackout
When the contact with the rest of the world is lost, how far would you go to find out who the new enemy of humanity is?
7:45 PM (93 min)
The Dead Center
Is death always permanent?
10:00 PM (90 min)
The Bra
Life moves down the track.
10:30 AM (77 min)
Apartment 413
Home isn't necessarily a safe space.
12:55 PM (88 min)
Our Madness
A madhouse can be different things at different times.
3:10 PM (85 min)
A Shelter Among the Clouds
Rising above the forces of limitation.
5:20 PM (113 min)
Shorts Program TV - Comedies
From the perils of parenting, to a belligerent artificial intelligence, to a running feud between Star Trek actors Brent Spiner and Levar Burton, we present to you a laugh-out-loud line-up of short comedies of all shapes and sizes.
8:00 PM (110 min)
Called "The comedy show you shouldn't laugh with, " Taboo examines that which we often take for granted and forget to cherish.
10:35 PM (96 min)
The devil finds work for idle hands
12:15 PM (104 min)
Bring Me An Avocado
An inspiring family rises above their challenges...
2:45 PM (83 min)
Same Boat
Time-travelling Killers
5:00 PM (69 min)
Family in Transition
The bond is forever, no matter what changes.
7:00 PM (90 min)
Princess of the Row
Martin Sheen (The West Wing), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), and newcomer Tayler Buck shine in an inspiring tale that proves you are what you believe.
9:15 PM (95 min)
Go Back to China
A trust fund baby's worst nightmare comes to life.
11:40 AM (60 min)
Senior Escort Service
The title says it all or...does it!
1:40 PM (90 min)
Over Water
Over Water is a captivating psychological drama set against the raw background of a sea port.
4:00 PM (102 min)
The Unseen
What is unseen might not be unheard
6:30 PM (104 min)
Last Sunrise
Where did the sun go?
9:00 PM (85 min)
The Way You Look Tonight
"I'm in love with the shape of you"
1:10 PM (70 min)
The Passengers
What is a promised land for those who are denied it?
3:00 PM (90 min)
Sometimes we are forced to grow up to fast
5:30 PM (56 min)
Lucky Fifty
How far will fifty dollars take you?
7:30 PM (74 min)
Guest Artist
An assignment as boring as painting for the Pope.
9:30 PM (78 min)
Searching for their missing sister in a dangerous city, a woman discovers herself.
10:45 AM (90 min)