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Hammer Theatre SJ
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2:50 PM (77 min)
The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke
Big Battle for a Tiny Home.
5:00 PM (92 min)
Be the first audiences in the U.S. to have the chance to see a Netflix European produced series--a thrilling crime series, inspired by a series of real-life events.
7:30 PM (94 min)
The Wedding Guest
A globetrotting game of cat and mouse
9:30 PM (75 min)
An exhilarating horror-thriller from Argentina, M follows Diane and Tim, a young American couple who travel to Patagonia to search for Tim's father, a biologist who disappeared ten years earlier.
2:45 PM (87 min)
Can a van be worth more than love?
5:00 PM (60 min)
Senior Escort Service
The title says it all or...does it!
7:15 PM (96 min)
The Third Wife
In old Viet Nam, a young bride's sensuality awakens.
9:30 PM (95 min)
Go Back to China
A trust fund baby's worst nightmare comes to life.
11:15 AM (105 min)
Waiting for love.
1:45 PM (90 min)
To give or to receive; which is the best way?
4:00 PM (121 min)
Shorts Program TV - Drama
Powerful...provocative...stirring...this line-up of new visions in television and web series will have you mesmerized and thinking back on them long after you leave the theater. And, one thing is for certain: you will be inspired.
6:45 PM (102 min)
The Unseen
What is unseen might not be unheard
9:15 PM (107 min)
Shorts Program 9 - Hidden
What do you keep secret? What do you hide? What would happen if it comes into the light?
5:15 PM (94 min)
What is this life about, he asks the prostitute.
7:45 PM (88 min)
The Wrong Todd
Your worst enemy is yourself.
12:00 PM (118 min)
Happier Times, Grump
A 17 year-old wild child reconnects with gramps.
2:45 PM (93 min)
Little Histories
A military coup throws normalcy out the window?
5:00 PM (84 min)
Mine 9
Trapped and running out of air in "The Devil's Playground"
7:10 PM (109 min)
Student Shorts Competition Program A - Family
No matter what our background is, our relationship with family is a powerful influence on our lives.
9:40 PM (97 min)
Student Shorts Competition Program B - Perspectives
How does a person's religion impact their relationships? How does an act of violence change somebody's outlook?
7:20 PM (81 min)
Believe in your version of reality.
9:30 PM (132 min)
Cut Off
The treasure hunt with dead bodies as clues.
6:15 PM (82 min)
An inspirational teacher finds his son beaten in jail.
8:30 PM (85 min)
Widow of Silence
She must find an answer to a terrifying dilemma.
6:30 PM (92 min)
Grind Reset Shine
Can they save themselves?
8:45 PM (75 min)
Red Letter Day
Kill thy neighbours