California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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2:30 PM (104 min)
Would you kill for your family? Would you kill your family???
5:00 PM (93 min)
Little Histories
A military coup throws normalcy out the window?
7:30 PM (56 min)
Lucky Fifty
How far will fifty dollars take you?
9:30 PM (86 min)
Reality is an illusion.
2:00 PM (89 min)
Lake Over Fire
The fight between good and evil is ignited!
4:15 PM (86 min)
Suburban Wildlife
Post-university friends on a last jaunt.
6:30 PM (153 min)
David vs Goliath.
9:35 PM (96 min)
Come, Said the Night
In some families, the monsters live within.
11:00 AM (144 min)
Art or love can a writer have both?
2:10 PM (91 min)
Markie in Milwaukee
"From incredible Hulk to the most delicate flower"
4:30 PM (108 min)
Shorts Program 1 - Inbound Visions
Cinequest has always presented films that might make you sit up in your seat, and this year we are pleased to present these ten films that take unflinching looks at moments of inflection.
7:05 PM (84 min)
Mine 9
Trapped and running out of air in "The Devil's Playground"
9:15 PM (112 min)
Ordinary Gods
Kicking balls, shooting stars.
7:30 PM (76 min)
Adonis Complex
All he wants is people for his 'Body of Gods.'
9:30 PM (86 min)
The Social Ones
On social media, what makes a superstar?
12:15 PM (81 min)
All My Nights
Friend in need, may not be a friend indeed...
2:20 PM (78 min)
Searching for their missing sister in a dangerous city, a woman discovers herself.
4:35 PM (110 min)
Shorts Program 5 - Mindbenders
Our darkest, strangest, most confounding thoughts often come to us in the middle of the night, some of them are a part of this Mindbenders program.
7:20 PM (83 min)
Bite Me
A vampire's love story.
9:20 PM (77 min)
The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke
Big Battle for a Tiny Home.
7:15 PM (57 min)
Laugh and the world laughs with you.
9:15 PM (90 min)
Princess of the Row
Martin Sheen (The West Wing), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), and newcomer Tayler Buck shine in an inspiring tale that proves you are what you believe.
5:30 PM (104 min)
Tripping-Thru Keta
Breaking bad, in a bad world
8:00 PM (93 min)
The internet is dangerous; the mind of a teenager is no less so.
6:45 PM (93 min)
An Audience of Chairs
Mothers' actions have the biggest stakes.
9:30 PM (107 min)
Shorts Program 9 - Hidden
What do you keep secret? What do you hide? What would happen if it comes into the light?