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California Theatre - Rehearsal Hall
12:20 PM (80 min)
The Truth About Marriage
Why is it so difficult?
2:40 PM (108 min)
The Chaperone
Love and longing in the roaring '20s.
5:00 PM (109 min)
These 2 homophobes have a choice to make.
7:30 PM (74 min)
Guest Artist
An assignment as boring as painting for the Pope.
9:30 PM (89 min)
Electric Love
Swipe right for love.
11:00 AM (122 min)
The Public
A police standoff...a media the public library.
1:45 PM (88 min)
Impossible Monsters
"Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters." - Goya
4:00 PM (83 min)
Same Boat
Time-travelling Killers
6:10 PM (77 min)
Apartment 413
Home isn't necessarily a safe space.
8:30 PM (73 min)
This Is Our Home
A struggling couple's weekend getaway goes awry when a child arrives in the middle of the night claiming to be their son.
11:30 AM (113 min)
Shorts Program TV - Comedies
From the perils of parenting, to a belligerent artificial intelligence, to a running feud between Star Trek actors Brent Spiner and Levar Burton, we present to you a laugh-out-loud line-up of short comedies of all shapes and sizes.
2:10 PM (60 min)
Senior Escort Service
The title says it all or...does it!
4:15 PM (92 min)
Grind Reset Shine
Can they save themselves?
6:35 PM (87 min)
Can a van be worth more than love?
8:45 PM (75 min)
Red Letter Day
Kill thy neighbours
10:45 AM (75 min)
Original Sin
Rock, paper, scissors.
12:45 PM (90 min)
To give or to receive; which is the best way?
3:00 PM (118 min)
Happier Times, Grump
A 17 year-old wild child reconnects with gramps.
5:40 PM (92 min)
Be the first audiences in the U.S. to have the chance to see a Netflix European produced series--a thrilling crime series, inspired by a series of real-life events.
8:00 PM (78 min)
Searching for their missing sister in a dangerous city, a woman discovers herself.
10:10 PM (96 min)
The devil finds work for idle hands
10:30 AM (107 min)
Shorts Program 6 - DocuNation
The 13 residents of the DocuNation program are bold entries into a long line of incredible experiences.
1:05 PM (104 min)
Bring Me An Avocado
An inspiring family rises above their challenges...
3:35 PM (110 min)
Shorts Program 5 - Mindbenders
Our darkest, strangest, most confounding thoughts often come to us in the middle of the night, some of them are a part of this Mindbenders program.
6:15 PM (121 min)
Shorts Program TV - Drama
Powerful...provocative...stirring...this line-up of new visions in television and web series will have you mesmerized and thinking back on them long after you leave the theater. And, one thing is for certain: you will be inspired.
9:00 PM (110 min)
Shorts Program 7 - Something Funny
If you like those one-liners spit out with pin-point precision, then Something Funny is the choice for you.
11:00 AM (120 min)
Love Dart
Love penetrates the heart but doesn't satisfy physical desire.
1:45 PM (70 min)
The Passengers
What is a promised land for those who are denied it?
3:40 PM (70 min)
The Edge of Success
Young shoulders, huge burdens.
6:00 PM (81 min)
Believe in your version of reality.
8:15 PM (85 min)
The Way You Look Tonight
"I'm in love with the shape of you"
12:15 PM (75 min)
The Silver Branch
A poignant celebration of natural life
2:15 PM (76 min)
Broken Places
Some survive, some thrive.
4:35 PM (98 min)
Clean Hands
Four children living in a garbage dump get a chance in life.
7:00 PM (98 min)
Every Time I Die
Death shouldn't come in the way of finding yourself.
9:30 PM (104 min)
They look just like us...
1:25 PM (92 min)
The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia
How far will you travel to find happiness?
3:45 PM (94 min)
What is this life about, he asks the prostitute.
6:10 PM (104 min)
Last Sunrise
Where did the sun go?
8:40 PM (144 min)
Art or love can a writer have both?
11:00 AM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
11:30 AM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
12:00 PM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
12:30 PM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
1:00 PM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
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VR Cinema Programs
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VR Cinema Programs
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VR Cinema Programs
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VR Cinema Programs
6:00 PM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
6:30 PM (20 min)
VR Cinema Programs
2:00 PM (45 min)
VR Workshops
AR's Bright Future