Adonis Complex


3Below Sat, Mar 9, 2019 5:15 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Premiere Status:North American
Production Country:United States
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Katelyn Marie Marshall
Jon Michael Simpson
Chad Werner
Emily Hiott
Jeff McQuitty
Kasey Givens
Director:Chad Werner
Producer:Chad Werner
Jon Michael Simpson
Grace Potter
Screenwriter:Chad Werner
Music:Jeff McQuitty
Cinematographer:Brooks Birdsall
Editor:Bevandra Dickles


All he wants is people for his 'Body of Gods.'

Four friends rent a lake house from a bodybuilding obsessed owner Tad, with no sense of boundaries. While the drama of the friends' relationship unfolds, Tad's seemingly affable gestures take an eerie and possibly sinister twist, which turns their dream vacation into a nightmare. Will Tad succeed in his mysterious endeavors? Will the four friends escape in time? Mystery entangles this tale that unfolds like the Greek myth from which it derives its name. - Pratibha Kelapure

Preceded by the music video: Heart Killer; Director: Brenden Hubbard; Length: 4 min; Country: USA (Part of the Official Music Video Competition)

Included Shorts

Heart Killer (4min) More