Spotlight on Spartan Films
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
Events:Spotlight Screening

Cinequest Distribution and Cinequest Mavericks Studio works to promote, create, co-create, and distribute films of either content originality and artistic impact, or films that utilize new technologies or new marketing paradigms. This year, Cinequest Distribution spotlights a production company, Spartan Films, which has created a unique approach to making films: integrating seasoned professionals with college talent to produce non-student films, yet marketable professional films. This process not only creates films competitive with film festival favorites but also gives emerging talent more than a film school education. Cinequest Distribution has released one of Spartan Films' movies, All About Dad, and Cinequest Film Festival has premiered several others including the audience hit Super Hero Party Clown.

Spartan Films spotlight event will include a sneak peek screening of Spartan Films latest, Always Learning, preceded by a highlights video of company productions and an interview with Spartan Films principals, Barnaby Dallas and Nick Martinez, plus the directors of All About Dad and Super Hero Party Clown.