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In the culinary crush, with its abundance of crative cuisine, fueled by the freshest of ingredients and celebrity chefs, there exists and embarrassment of riches that seems almost unfair. America's appetite for gastronomic excellence is for real. Dominique Crenn, chef/owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, understand and bring sher maverick sensibilities to keep the dishes honest and the quality high. Born and raised in France, Crenn arrived in San Francisco working under legends Jeremiah Tower and Mark Franz of Stars. Crenn moved to Jakarta and became Indonesia's first female executive chef. Soon she returned to the Bay Area earning her first Michelin Star at Luce. In 2010, Crenn trounced Iron Chef Michael Symon during a sizzling episode of the beloved Iron Chef competition. In 2011, she opened Atelier Crenn, which eventually received two of Michelin's coveted stars, making her the first woman in North America to reach a two-star status. Using a master chef's skill and the sensitivity of a poet, Ms. Crenn delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

Join us as Michelin two-star chef Dominique Crenn takes her audience on a culinary journey during this thrilling VIP Soiree at The Fairmont San Jose. At this event, we celebrate Crenn's unique mastery and finesse in fusing creativity with culinary innovation, while tasting some of her most exquisite delicacies. Enjoy artful hors d'oeuvres and delightful, yet complex, wines, followed by an inspiring conversation detailing how Crenn combines artistry and science to improve fine dining, moderated by KCBS's food expert Liam Mayclem. The evening culminates in an electryfing Maverick Spirit Award Ceremony to honor Crenn's work.

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