My Universe In Lowercase (Mi Universo En Minusculas)


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Premiere Status:United States
Production Country:Mexico
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Hatuey Viveros
Producer:Henner Hofmann
Lilana Pardo
Nicolas Celis
Screenwriter:Ana Mata
Inti Aldasoro
Music:Galo Durán, Juan Pablo Ramírez
Cinematographer:Vidblain Balvas
Editor:Aina Calleja
Cast:Aida Folch
Diana Bracho
Tara Parra
Jorge Zarate
Eugenia de la O
Harold Torres
Additional Info


"In this city there are no strangers, travelers are all trying to find a place, our home."

Aina, a nurse by profession, lives with her grandmother. Aina reaches Mexico City in search of her father, whom she had believed dead. Aina's only reference is a photo of a child with a note on the back: "our house on 37 Juarez street." What she finds in the vast city are many streets with that name. And given the chance to explore all of those tiny universes with the number "37", Aina experiences life in Mexico City and finds opportunities that change her forever.

Director Hatuey Viveros' beautiful film unfolds as a fascinating exploration of contemporary life in Mexico, searching to understand today's world, while portraying a younger generation who lack an understanding of their past. And as we journey with Aina on her own discovery, it becomes clear that the process of her search is just as important as the results.