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3Below Thu, Mar 8, 2018 7:00 PM
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San José State’s Reed Magazine and Cinequest are excited to present the 2nd Edition of this mesmerizing event of poetry and films. Celebrating its 150th year, Reed Magazine has created their first themed edition, dedicated to the diverse state of California. The performances center around conflicts and ideas immersed in the demographics of our state – ranging from discrimination to corruption to political leadership.

Local poet performers include ASHA, Bill Cozzini, Roberto Duran, Eli Hansen, Lita Kurth, Mighty Mike McGee, Joe Miller, and Kimy Martinez. Also to look forward – there are satirical dance routines, hilarious costumes, sound experiments with projected visuals, and live music incorporating incredible vocals with poetry. Doing the music, vocals, and sound effects we have Justin Imamura, George Vargas, and Lena Nelson.

Not to miss out, there will be a showcase of two inspirational films about incredible poets and their ageless work.

The first short film Unspoken is about spoken word poet Farah Chamma who, at the age of 17, became an online sensation after her poems went viral. The film shows her struggles with self-censorship, yet keeping her poetry authentic and real.

Director: Samia Badih; Producer: Alicia Gonzalez

The next short film I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard portrays the legendary poet Joe Brainard and his iconic work. I Remember admits an incredible variety of images and feelings through the poet’s evocations of memory and desire; both the poet and the poem are well explored through this inventive biography.

Director: Matt Wolf; Editor: Matt Wolf; Producers: Matt Wolf, Ken Kuchin

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Included Shorts

I Remember (25min) More
Unspoken (10min) More