Lunafest Series



3Below Wed, Mar 7, 2018 7:00 PM
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated


What a watershed year it has been for women! This was the year that saw women, their voices, their stories take center stage.

Cinequest is proud to have collaborated with some of the most amazing women – artists, filmmakers, innovators, writers, entrepreneurs. And 50% of our premieres over the past two years were made by women.

Continuing in that tradition, we are honored to partner with Lunafest – the first all-women travelling film festival to hit the screens and amplify the voices of strong women everywhere.

Lunafest presents a series of short films – to, by, and for women; such amazing, diverse, and heart-warming stories that you will come out enriched and elevated. From inspiring stories of women who have overcome unimaginable odds, to the simple joys of life and relationships – you will experience a gamut of emotions, and still be left wanting more.

The San Jose screening on March 7 will include Carly Severn moderating an exhilarating conversation with select artists. Ms. Severn is the co-host of KQED’s weekly podcast The Cooler, which delves into unexpected aspects of pop culture. Out of the studio, she writes for KQED about the arts, odd places and everything in between, and also steers the station’s social media strategy.

Included Shorts

Buttercup (13min) More
Fanny Pack (11min) More
Girls Level Up (10min) More
Jesszilla (7min) More
Joy Joy Nails (19min) More
Last Summer, In The Garden (4min) More
Toys (2min) More
Waiting For Hassana (11min) More
Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber (6min) More