Love After Love



Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Production Country:United States
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Russell Harbaugh
Producer:Lucas Joaquin
Lauren Haber
Michael Prall
Screenwriter:Russell Harbaugh
Eric Mendelsohn
Music:David Shire
Cinematographer:Chris Teague
Editor:Matthew C. Hart
John Magary
Cast:Andie MacDowell
Chris O’Dowd
James Adomain
Juliet Rylance
Dree Hemingway
Gareth Williams


Part of the Maverick Spirit Award Event with Andie MacDowell, and award presentation.

Loss of someone affects all those left behind, but also binds them by the shared love.

Death of the patriarch sets off a family. Precisely at the moment that they should be supporting one another, they start to implode. Matriarch Suzanne (Andie MacDowell, Groundhog Day, Sex Lies & Videotape) takes on a beau too soon for her son Nicholas’ (Chris O’Dowd, The IT Crowd) liking. Likewise, Nicholas finds himself at the receiving end of Suzanne’s disapproval for the choice of his new partner. While Nicholas moves through a series of romantic entanglements, younger brother Chris uses alcohol as a coping mechanism. Through the triangle of grief, judgment, and self loathing, Love after Love, touching and funny, captures the chaos that stems from a loss as deep as this, but also leads to catharsis and ultimately healing. – Shwetha VR