Showing In

Film Info
Year Produced:2012
Rating:Not Rated
Premiere Status:World
Production Country:U S A
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Braden Duemmler
Producer:Jessica Stephens
Michael Lei
Ryan Mahuron
Screenwriter:Braden Duemmler
Cinematographer:Jimmy Lu
Editor:R.J. Daniel Hanna
Cast:Trevor Black
Tess Oswalt
Laura Black
Brogen Atkinson
Mindy Oswalt
Ty Strickler
Ritesh Mehta
Adam Reich
James Chahine
Sally Spaide


Tim Collin's life is slowly spiraling out of control and comes to it's breaking point in the eye of a South Florida hurricane. He seeks shelter from the massive force in an abandoned motel and just when things couldn't get worse, he discovers an old, black and white television that sees 15 seconds into the future. With this chance encounter, an epic battle of Man vs. Fate ensues, launching Tim down the rabbit hole where his darkest demons have lied dormant for years.

Part of Shorts Program 5: Mindbenders