White Lie


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2013
Premiere Status:World
Production Country:United Kingdom
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Nyima Cartier
Executive Producer:Jonathan Weissler
Producer:Etzael Garcia
Nabil Khouri
Cyril Schulmann
Thomas Triboit
Screenwriter:Nyima Cartier
Music:Rael Jones
Cinematographer:Piere Edelmann
Editor:Peter Davies
Cast:David Birkin
Olivia Ross
Paul Bandey
Belinda Low
Ann Firbank
Mark Carlisle
Mick Barber
Rodolfo Coloma
Amanda Carlson
Additional Info


Roles reverse in a quest for vengeance.

In this riveting neo-noir thriller of ever-growing suspense, an aspiring writer takes justice into his own hands after his mentor robs him of his dignity. Following eight years of working as an assistant for renowned author Richard Westfield, Sydney proudly presents him with the manuscript of his very first novel. Westfield, unimpressed with his writing, criticizes the book with a complete lack of objectivity, prompting Sydney to angrily quit his job. But after Westfield publishes the book under his own name and achieves great success, Sydney feels utterly betrayed and simulates a nighttime robbery to recover his stolen manuscript. Once the innocent victim, he slowly transforms into a ruthless perpetrator who will do whatever it takes to prove he’s the real author.

– Sharon Gonzales

Preceded by the short film: Examination; dir. Beryl Richards; U.K.; 10min; A class of students with various disorders take an exam, but what is going on inside their minds while taking the test?