One Small Hitch

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Production Country:U S A
Cast/Crew Info
Director:John Burgess
Producer:John Burgess
Brett Henenberg
Screenwriter:Dode Levenson
Cinematographer:Tari Segal
Editor:Ryan Koscielniak
Cast:Shane McRae
Aubrey Dollar
Daniel J. Travanti
Janet Ulrich Brooks
Ron Dean
Mary Jo Faraci
Robert Belushi
Rebecca Spence
Heidi Johanningmeier
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Love's in the air - or so they’re made believe.

Childhood friends, Josh and Molly, expected a simple weekend trip for a small family wedding. Yet, Josh didn’t plan on learning about his father’s cancer before the trip. Molly didn’t plan on pretending to be engaged to him either. Josh’s white lie to please his dying father turns into a steep slippery slope as this hilarious romantic comedy proves Murphy's Law to be oh so very true.

Josh’s Jewish family waits for their only son to settle down. Molly’s Irish-Catholic family wishes their last child can find the happiness she needs. This boisterous combination creates an active dynamic as they evade their family’s probing and overzealous planning. Their lie grows uncontrollably, but can they find true love while pretending to have already found it?

- Kyle Burt

Preceded by the short film: Couch; dir. Ian Gelfand; United States; 8min; Growing up is hard to do. That's why Casey McElveen never even tried.

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