Old Stock

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Director:James Genn
Executive Producer:Justine Whyte
Producer:Geordie Sabbagh
Screenwriter:Dane Clark
Music:Dave Genn
Cinematographer:Arthur E. Cooper C.S.C.
Editor:Kye Meechan
Cast:Noah Reid
Melanie Leishman
Jack Daniel Wells
Corinne Conley
Anna Ferguson
Gene Mack
Meghan Heffern
Anand Rajaram
Louise Nicol
Nonnie Griffin
Additional Info


Guilt drives some people crazy; it drives Stock to early retirement.

Old at heart, Stock Burton spends his youth living with his grandfather at the retirement home. Feigning satisfaction with his life as a pill-popping, golf-playing, 20-year-old retiree, Stock avoids facing the mistakes of his past. But when vandalism frightens the residents, the management – and inevitable reality – force Stock out of retirement. Finally showing his face around town, Stock continues to run into Dahlia, an old crush and a part of his haunted past. Without the buffer of retirement, can he still hide from what he can’t seem to avoid? Quirky and heartfelt, Old Stock reminds us we must come to terms with our lives before we can grow up.

– Taara Khalilnaji

Preceded by the short film: The Great Journey; PTP film; 3min; There’s a fork in our roads and on our plates: do we go fruits and vegetables or fries and Coke?