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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Production Country:Germany
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jan Ole Gerster
Producer:Marcos Kantis
Alexander Wadouh
Screenwriter:Jan Ole Gerster
Cinematographer:Philipp Kirsamer
Editor:Anja Siemens
Cast:Tom Schilling
Friederike Kempter
Marc Hosemann
Katharina Schuttler
Justus von Dohnanyi
Andreas Scroders
Arnd Klawitter
Marting Brambach
Frederick Lau
Ulrich Noethen
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A day in the life... but oh boy, what a day!

And what a breezy, comic, light-footed, fun and funny film! Meet Niko, a young Berliner stuck in a state of in-between. As he drifts from one moment to the next, we are treated to a string of often hilarious vignettes and picture-perfect portraits, including: an encounter with a hyper-petty bureaucrat, a once fat schoolmate become skinny actress; a lovely but senile old lady and her armchair; and a beautifully portrayed old man in a bar.

Reminiscent of Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel films, early Godard or Rivette – even the soft-jazz music score evokes the French New Wave – this winner of multiple awards, including German Independence Audience Award and Best German Film – is a hugely enjoyable introduction to a brilliant young director. Don’t miss it!

– Charlie Cockey

Preceded by the short film: Better Than A C; PTP film; 3min; You cannot start the race if you don’t know why you are running.

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