Mumbai's King (Mumbai Cha Raja)

  • The Missing Look (La Mirada Perdida) The Missing Look (La Mirada Perdida)
  • The Missing Look (La Mirada Perdida) The Missing Look (La Mirada Perdida)


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Production Country:India
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Manjeet Singh
Executive Producer:Lina Dhingra
Producer:Manjeet Singh
Screenwriter:Manjeet Singh
Music:Mathias Duplessey
Cinematographer:Siddarth Kay
Editor:Tinni Mitra
Cast:Rahul Bairaji
Arbaaz Khan
Tejas D. Parvatkar
Salman Khan
Aftab Khan
Dhanshree Jain
Additional Info


A gentle, coming-of-age fable that paints an emotional and colorful portrait of Mumbai life.

A spirited boy, Rahul spends his days skipping along the rooftops of his neighborhood. To avoid his abusive father, Rahul finds sanctuary in the streets with his streetwise friends Arbaaz and Salman. While they wander the narrow passages of the city, their story unfolds through pranks, stealing food, and following Saloni, Rahul’s crush. And while the city plans for an upcoming celebration, Rahul and his friends make plans of their own: to take revenge on his father.

Director Manjeet Singh’s powerful debut captures the intricacy and exquisiteness of Mumbai through a rich observation of family life. And with the incredible help of a predominantly non-professional cast, Singh uses the city’s vibrant setting to create a poetic fable of wonder and truth.

Preceded by the short film: The Missing Look; dir. Damian Dionisio; Spain; 11min; Argentina, 1976: While her family hides from the militia, a young girl is sheltered in a fantasy world.

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