An Inaccurate Memoir

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Premiere Status:North America
Production Country:China
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Yang Shupeng
Executive Producer:Ruby Chen
Wang Changtian
Huang Xiaoming
Producer:Amber Wang
Screenwriter:Yang Shupeng
Zhang Xiabei
Lao Huang
Music:Kaili Peng
Cinematographer:Cao Yu
Editor:Fang Lei
Yang Shupeng
Eric Myerson
Cast:Huang Xiaoming
Zhang Yi
Zhang Xinyi
Wang Lie
Ni Jingyang
Sun Lei
Tino Bao
Zhang Yue
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The Far East meets the Wild West.

Fang leads a group of bandits who have gained notoriety for their widespread influence in this Chinese Western taking place during the Japanese Occupation. Gao, an assassin, is the only survivor of a failed mission intended to kill the Japanese Emperor’s brother. Hearing about the success of the bandits, Gao infiltrates Fang’s posse with the intent of using them to complete his mission. What he doesn’t know is that Fang intends to kidnap the Emperor’s brother and ransom him to the Japanese government. This time, however, Fang bites off more than he can chew, and his successful group of bandits descends into chaos. An Inaccurate Memoir is the total package, delivering quality action, humor, and stunning visual poetry to a breathtaking motion picture.

– Joe Keenan

Preceded by the short film: Kill No Evil; dir. Ricky Dellinger; U.S.A.; 1min; Two cowboys stare down each other in a showdown. All is quiet. Or is it?

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