Leave Of Absence
  • David Sedaris's The Learning Curve
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2013
Premiere Status:World
Production Country:U S A
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jeff Prugh
Jason Thompson
Producer:Jeff Prugh
Jason Thompson
Screenwriter:Jeff Prugh
Jason Thompson
Music:Darrell Raby
Cinematographer:Jeff Prugh
Editor:Jeff Prugh
Cast:Jason Thompson
Heather Case Miller
Clarke Kohler
Jeff Barnett
Will Doughty
Mike Silver
Amy Wilson Thomas
Bill Tangradi
Ryan Thompson
Additional Info

30 days to figure out the rest of his life.

In a comedy where the mantra “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” plays true, the question is: Is it ever too late to “figure it all out”? Jason (Jason Thompson, General Hospital) is a thirty-something college graduate happily cohabitating with his girlfriend, but unhappily working as a waiter. When a doctor orders him to take a FMLA (Family Medical Leave of Absence) for thirty days, Jason finds himself with a newfound freedom – to slack. His loving and supportive girlfriend Heather (Heather Case Miller, American Pie: Band Camp) encourages him to find a new job but Jason instead lounges with his friends Acer and Clarke. As days tick by Jason must decide: what life does he want to live, and will Heather be there with him?

– Terra Wood-Taylor

Preceded by short: David Sedaris’s The Learning Curve; dir. Phil McCarty; U.S.A.; 16min; David tries to become a real teacher, but ends up trying to be the “cool” teacher instead.