I Am A Director

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Premiere Status:North America
Production Country:Puerto Rico
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Javier Colón Rios
Producer:Javier Colón Rios
Screenwriter:Javier Colón Rios
Music:E. Bayoan Rios
Cinematographer:Miguel Creus
Editor:CJ Lozada
Javier Colón Rios
Cast:Carlos Marchand
Joa Tous
Marise Alvarez
Luis Gonzaga
Isaac Santiago
Jose Cotte
Cristina Lynch
Lilian Hurst
Jacobo Morales
Millo Torres
Additional Info


Authenticity is not his strong suit.

In a mockumentary-style comedy in the vein of Christopher Guest’s Best In Show, there is one goal: make the BEST HOLLYWOOD FILM EVER! Carlos is a Puerto Rican filmmaker – one of many – aiming to make a “Hollywood” film. It has to be extravagant, dramatic, and MUST be in English. Otherwise, he says it cannot be exported. Joa, his best friend and film’s producer, tries to help him stay on track and achieve his goal. But even she did not expect him to become a puppy at one of their actresses’ feet. Jealousy will both tear these friends apart and pull Carlos further from his dream of being a master at his art. The question for Carlos is how many bad judgment calls he has to make on and off set before he realizes what he really needs to pursue.

- Jade Estrada

Preceded by the short film: Peace; PTP film; 5min; Youths fight for peace in their homeland, empowered by one eleven-year old girl and one poem, hopeful for better tomorrows.