7 Lives Of Chance


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2013
Premiere Status:World
Production Country:U S A
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Banks Helfrich
Fred Zara
Executive Producer:Bollie Lee Jarratt, Jr.
William Barry Tillis
John Archer Lundgren
Producer:Aviva Christie
Dina Peterson
Banks Helfrich
Screenwriter:Banks Helfrich
Music:Benoit Glazer
Cinematographer:Ryan Lightbourn
Editor:Fred Zara
Jeff Corkum
Cast:Jodi Chase
John Pelkey
Richard Regan Paul
Michele Feren
Maria Regan
John-Archer Ludgreen
Victoria Jelstrom Swilley
Samantha O'Hare
Olivia Miller
Banks Helfrich
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Confront your fears, one balloon at a time.

In this psychedelic comedy, a lone red balloon, dearly cherished from childhood, multiplies as it leads Chance on a journey of acknowledgement.

Chance buries herself in a dreamlike world, glossing over the unpleasantness she observes and hoarding everything from never-been-worn dresses to packaged food. With a string of surreal deaths occurring close to her, the ghosts of the recently deceased begin to inhabit her house, bringing this claustrophobe's worst nightmare to life. Her home and mind begin to erupt with the cluttered memories she must confront, slowly stretching her mind into insanity. As her high school reunion approaches, Chance must come face to face with the one fear that she has yet to accept.

– Kristy Yip

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