Short Program 9B - College Short Program



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Type of Film/Event:Feature
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Rating:Not Rated


This collection from some of the best in international college filmmaking will surprise you, delight you, and break your heart.

 Through a wide range of stories and styles, you'll experience both the comedy and the pain of family discord, the challenges of feeling different and alone, the darkness behind creative inspiration, and the lightness of accepting death. It's a program you won't forget.

Included Shorts

Adija (5min) More
Concrete (17min) More
Death in a Day (15min) More
Fanny Pack (11min) More
Prom (13min) More
Remembrance (12min) More
Salvation (10min) More
The Plunge (8min) More
When Pigs Fly (18min) More
Yearning (21min) More