Short Program 7 - Comedy Favorites



Hammer Theatre SJ Fri, Mar 3, 2017 9:30 PM
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
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Rating:Not Rated


"Laugh, and the world laughs with you… unless you’re at a funeral."

Where do the absurd and weird mingle gently with the adorable and quirky? In Cinequest’s Comedy Favorites program. This year’s batch of comedies run from stories of Lovecraftian home entertaining to noble artistic misunderstandings, from mushrooms to heavy metal. These films ask important questions like ‘who’s really the crazy one here?’ and ‘you’re calling from where?’ while finding time to be poignant and powerful in equal measure. Slapstick scenarios that Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton would have found an adorable bump up against the kind of foul-mouthed yuks that would have had Lenny Bruce blushing mix it up in this international festival of funnies!

Included Shorts

Count Us In (17min) More
No Other Way to Say It (7min) More
Point and Shoot (6min) More
Russian Roulette (5min) More
Shout at the Ground (11min) More
The Call of Charlie (14min) More
The Card Shark (5min) More
The Eleven O'Clock (14min) More
The Games We Play (10min) More
Who's Who in Mycology (15min) More