Short Program 1 - The Highest Peak



Hammer Theatre SJThu, Mar 2, 2017 1:30 PM Event Date Passed  
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
Shorts Programs
Rating:Not Rated


"The determined gaze is often confused with obsession."

These 11 short films delve into the world of the single-minded, the intensely driven, and the powerfully talented. Examining themes of what it means to face long odds with determination, how our past can often define what comes to us in the future, and where brilliance and professionalism often come with a heavy price, we encounter characters on the verge of a new, potentially better, tomorrow. Featuring incredible performances from veteran actors like Marion Ross, Emily Mortimer, and Lili Taylor, The Highest Peak provides a crystal-clear view into what it means to have the world in your sight.

Included Shorts

A Couple (3min) More
Brian Mickler (8min) More
Dear Dad (5min) More
Limbo (14min) More
Modern Houses (17min) More
The Final Show (9min) More
The Real Wi-Fi Of Baltimore (3min) More
The School Bag (15min) More
Today They Took My Son (7min) More
Wig Shop (16min) More
Zaar (12min) More