Short Program 8 - High School

  • American Heroes American Heroes
  • Barriers Of Separation Barriers Of Separation
  • Dreams Without Borders Dreams Without Borders
  • Falling Falling
  • For Sale For Sale
  • Lilly's Big Day Lilly's Big Day
  • New Neighbors, Old Fights New Neighbors, Old Fights
  • Perpetual Woods Perpetual Woods
  • Swimmy Swimmy
  • The Gift The Gift
  • The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects The Moon The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects The Moon
  • Wonderful World Wonderful World


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated


With the availability of modern technological resources, high school students prove their skill at making impressive films on a tiny budget.
These young storytellers create works that showcase both rawness and innocence; from narrative films with a youthful perspective to a collection of documentary shorts exploring the Syrian refugee experience - you'll be amazed by the artistry of these teenage filmmakers.

Included Shorts

American Heroes (6min) More
Barriers Of Separation (4min) More
Dreams Without Borders (5min) More
Falling (10min) More
For Sale (3min) More
The Gift (8min) More
The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects The Moon (5min) More
Lilly's Big Day (5min) More
New Neighbors, Old Fights (15min) More
Perpetual Woods (3min) More
Swimmy (7min) More
Wonderful World (8min) More

Additional Information

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