Short Program 6 - DocuNation

  • A Drag Queen For Kids A Drag Queen For Kids
  • Bacon And God's Wrath Bacon And God's Wrath
  • Born Fighter Born Fighter
  • Conrad & The Steamplant Conrad & The Steamplant
  • Gold Heist Gold Heist
  • Out In Alabama Out In Alabama
  • Sandorkraut Sandorkraut
  • Shaken Shaken
  • The Box The Box
  • Uncomfortable Truths Uncomfortable Truths
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated


The annual Cinequest collection of documentary shorts brings together stories of life from around the world—and around the corner.
These remarkable films cover a wide range of topics: how communities react to the increasing visibility of the LGBT community, how we view the world, and about the service we must give to our gods, our country, and ourselves. We meet characters who are tragically flawed, incredibly redeemed, and impossibly delusional. This collection will make you smile, laugh, scream, cry, and possibly even froth at the mouth.

Included Shorts

Bacon And God's Wrath (9min) More
Born Fighter (5min) More
The Box (5min) More
Conrad & The Steamplant (8min) More
A Drag Queen For Kids (13min) More
Gold Heist (14min) More
Out In Alabama (13min) More
Sandorkraut (12min) More
Shaken (5min) More
Uncomfortable Truths (12min) More

Additional Information

Screenings presented in honor of Jim Boyce and sponsored by Synaptics