Short Program 3 - The Art In Everyone

  • Hotel Room Hotel Room
  • Revoltoso Revoltoso
  • S T U T T E R E R S T U T T E R E R
  • The Orchestra The Orchestra
  • Themes & Variations Themes & Variations
  • These C*cksucking Tears These C*cksucking Tears
  • Yes, And... Yes, And...


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated


Enjoy a glimpse into the world of creating in these magnificent short films.
Through music, fine art, film, typesetting, and stagecraft, encounter stories that ask incredibly difficult questions. Can we accept country music that ventures beyond bros and beer? Can we create stunning new forms from existing works? Is it possible to be the one who sticks out without being the one who is ostracized? Do pigs like movies? We'll find answers, or at least highly pointed questions, from a unique blend of documentary, animated, and narrative miniature masterpieces.

Included Shorts

Hotel Room (10min) More
The Orchestra (15min) More
Revoltoso (29min) More
S T U T T E R E R (13min) More
Themes & Variations (4min) More
These C*cksucking Tears (16min) More
Yes, And... (17min) More

Additional Information

Screenings presented in honor of Jim Boyce and sponsored by Synaptics