Relative Happiness

Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2014
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Deanne Foley
Executive Producer:Avi Federgreen
Producer:Alan Collins
Jill Knox-Gosse
Lynne Wilson
Screenwriter:Lesley Crewe
Deanne Foley
Iain Macleod
Sherry White
Music:Duane Andrews
Cinematographer:Christopher Porter
Editor:Chris Darlington
Cast:Melissa Bergland
Aaron Poole
Johnathan Sousa
Susan Kent
Joel Thomas Hynes
Molly Dunsworth


She’s looking for love with a blindfold on.

Lexi, a plus-size gal with a heart to match, can bake an irresistible blueberry cream cake and run an inviting B&B in Nova Scotia, but she can't find the man of her dreams – or a date to her sister’s wedding. When an attractive lodger appears on Lexi's doorstep, she pulls out all the stops to enfold him into her romantic fantasy, but divulged secrets and a family tragedy unravel her careful construction and leave her reeling. Will Lexi drop her romantic script and see that true happiness comes from being who you really are? You'll be rooting for this funny, irreverent, and lovable woman all the way. - Pia Chamberlain

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