Beast Of Cardo (Bestia de Cardo)

Film Info
Year Produced:2014
Production Country:Dominican Republic
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Producer:Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Starsha Gill
Screenwriter:Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Music:Nico Casal
Cinematographer:Diego Garcia
Editor:Daniel Castro Zimbrón
Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Cast:Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Angélica Aragón
Jorge Luis Moreno
Karina Noble
Cheddy Garcia
Héctor Then


All the wealth she could desire, no life she wants to live.

Foibles and eccentricities of a closely knit, stifling upper class community get a sensual and witty treatment in this wildly imaginative and extravagant gem of a story. Moira, a young and wealthy Dominican woman, is forced to halt her studies in America and return home to her family and the elite and suffocating society of their small town. It seems everyone is a hater and a gossiper here; Moira’s conservative family controls her every step. She befriends the local dressmaker and soon the two set out to flee the doomed place together. The debut feature from director, writer, producer, and lead actress Virginia Sanchez Navarro is a thing of beauty: imbued with a dreamlike atmosphere, blending with supernatural elements with a hyper-sensitive and subjective perspective of the heroine, and strongly reminiscent of the literary world of Gabriel García Márquez and his fictional town of Macondo. - Liva Petersone

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