Bad City


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Film Info
Year Produced:2014
Premiere Status:North America
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Carl Bessai
Producer:James Brown
Carl Bessai
Dustin Milligan
Aaron Brooks
Screenwriter:Dustin Milligan
Aaron Brooks
Music:Heather Gardner
Gord Hillier
Cinematographer:Carl Bessai
Editor:Sabrina Pitre
Cast:Dustin Milligan
Aaron Brooks
Amanda Crew
David Cubitt
Reece Thompson
Tom Scholte


Bad City is on the edge of falling into the hands of a madman, you dig?

Billed as “Canucksploitation,” Bad City oozes hilarity, unbridled chauvinism, and lots and lots of body hair. The city has a new mayor, Dominic Kincaid, who happens also to be the drug lord who killed the old mayor and is transforming the city his way: the bad way. Fortunately, superfly detectives Franky New Guinea and Reverend Grizzly Night-Bear are on the case and are here to make sure Bad City is run their way – which is also the bad way (but, not bad meaning “bad”; bad meaning “good”). And, they’re ready to take down a jive turkey like Kincaid. No one threatens their city when they’re on the case. This is the Grindhouse movie we’ve always wanted, but just didn’t know it until now. - Mike Rabehl

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