Shorts Program 6: DocuNation

Feature | NR | 116 min
  • American Lawn American Lawn
  • Disarming Falcons Disarming Falcons
  • Etched In Skin Etched In Skin
  • Fabian Debora A Life For Art Fabian Debora A Life For Art
  • Herd In Iceland Herd In Iceland
  • Margo Margo
  • Sticky Sticky
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated


Cinequest is proud to present DocuNation, our annual gathering of short documentary films from around the world. This year’s crop of remarkable films looks at life and death, the ability of art to save the soul, how survival can depend on a single bush, and traditions that run across centuries. Awe-inspiring cinematography, intimate moments, and even animation play across the screen presenting visions as vivid as any fiction.

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Included Shorts

American Lawn (12min) More
Disarming Falcons (15min) More
Etched In Skin (10min) More
Fabian Debora A Life For Art (20min) More
Herd In Iceland (29min) More
Margo (11min) More
Sticky (20min) More