Noble Fir

Feature | NR | 98 min


Camera 12 - Screen 10 Wed, Mar 12, 2014 4:15 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2014
Rating:Not Rated
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Production Country:United States
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Joseph Arney
Christopher Graham
Producer:Joseph Arney
Christopher Graham
Justin Holbrook
Screenwriter:Joseph Arney
Christopher Graham
Music:Ian Jenkins
Cinematographer:Justin Holbrook
Editor:Christopher Graham
Cast:Richard E. Wilson
Mandy Rose Nichols
Desiree Aceves
Samuel Pearson
David Kessler


There is calm amongst his trees, but the darkness is there…lurking…biding its time…

Hank Dean, a man not given to emotion, struggles to maintain control over his life during the busiest part of the tree-harvesting season. Like his body, Hank’s wounded spirit limps along; he’s “out in the trees” and it’s ultimately his choice whether or not to walk out. Noble Fir is the patiently unfolding story of a strong man who has strung himself up from circumstance. As the film navigates the shaky curves of grief, it is held together with a tense and, at times, hopeful score. Like a devastated soul, the film feels as full as it does hollow—with gaps in time and words—while showcasing a quiet truth: loss can be hard to live with, and even more difficult to watch someone try to survive it.