Short Program 7 - Comedy Shorts
  • 1-0
  • The Black Bear
  • Chasing Daycare
  • Death Of A Content Creator
  • The First Session
  • Hello Charles
  • I Am Fairy
  • Madam Black
  • Mr. Egg
  • Opt Out
  • The Other Ripken
  • Studio Of Tomorrow
  • The Talk
  • Tommy And David
  • Too Fast
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated

If comedy equals tragedy plus distance, this collection of films from around the world must be a LONG way away from its roots!
Incredibly funny stories of strange first dates, terms of service, and soccer mishaps mix it up with epic tales of children's party performers at the end of their rope, the search for reliable childcare, and bear safety. Sometimes, the truth is funnier than fiction, and we mix in a little documentary just to keep things real! All of this, and Billy Ripken, make it the kind of comedy program that really does have a bit of everything.

Included Shorts
1-0 (1min) More
The Black Bear (15min) More
Chasing Daycare (15min) More
Death Of A Content Creator (5min) More
The First Session (6min) More
Hello Charles (6min) More
I Am Fairy (3min) More
Madam Black (11min) More
Mr. Egg (10min) More
Opt Out (3min) More
The Other Ripken (6min) More
Studio Of Tomorrow (7min) More
The Talk (8min) More
Tommy And David (4min) More
Too Fast (3min) More
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