Short Program 1 - Life, Death, and Everything In Between
  • Araan
  • Back To Earth
  • Colours
  • He Kindly Stopped
  • Hip Hip Hooray
  • I Follow You
  • Los Angeles 1991
  • Runaway
  • Stairway
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated

Explore intriguing questions about the darker side of life and death and the struggle between the two forces that occupy our world.
You'll see encounters in convenience stores, on the football field, at carnivals, and on commuter trains, all of which examine what it means to be alive and the fragility of our comfortable world. See the world through other eyes in an international sampling of stories about the burdens we carry with us at all times—whether or not we choose to acknowledge them.

Included Shorts
Araan (6min) More
Back To Earth (13min) More
Colours (25min) More
He Kindly Stopped (12min) More
Hip Hip Hooray (13min) More
I Follow You (3min) More
Los Angeles 1991 (10min) More
Runaway (8min) More
Stairway (17min) More
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